Overweight news anchor stands up to bullies

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

CBS WKBT anchorwoman Jennifer Livingston took to the air yesterday to blast on a viewer who wrote her a hateful email regarding her weight.

The letter became viral, after her husband, co-anchor Mike Thompson, posted its content to Facebook, along with his personal comments.

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6 comentarii:

Anonymous said...

This was not a hate email. This woman is in the public eye, and could be considered a role model to some young audience members. She is wasting her breath with this response, and avoided the issue by bringing up different forms of “bullying”. There was no point in the media crew displaying this message in the first place. They should focus on the news outside of their studio instead of grasping at straws for a breaking story within. Lose weight and be a better role model. Since your husband works a different shift – walk around the neighborhood for a couple of hours before he gets home. How are we as viewers supposed to respect what this station deems news worthy when the anchor obviously doesn’t respect her self? If you disagree with this you are part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

...and the cycle continues.

hcmom said...

Yes, only skinny pretty girls should be in the public eye. What a horrible role model, for making average overweight girls think they should be seen!

Anonymous said...

I love how the first commenter says "if you disagree with this you are part of the problem", like saying "if you dont agree wiht me then you aer WRONG", just like a small kid would

Anonymous said...

News flash...skinny doesn't equal health or beauty........the Clydesdale horse doesn't sulk in his pasture wishing to be a fine bone, light weight Arabian horse.........it takes all kind and skinny is not better or worse...it's just different......Jennifer here as so many qualities to be admired...and she is pretty,too.

Nicholas said...

What, being overweight makes you a bad person? You need to be a certain weight to be taken seriously? Anyone that's over a certain weight is automatically fat or obese? Since when?

A man or woman's weight doesn't really tell you much about them. You can be in great health even if you're considered overweight. You don't need to be thin and skinny to be healthy and happy.

Personally, I'm more likely to find a woman who is a bit overweight far more attractive than a thin, skinny woman. Why? I don't know, but I do know I'm not the only one. I'm not a "chubby" chaser, nor do I drool over BBW's (many of who don't fit the "beautiful" part of the acronym). I just like a woman that looks like a woman. Curves on a woman don't scare me.

Jennifer Livingston may not be thin or skinny. So what? She's not skinny, but does that really matter? And to whom does it - or should it - matter? If she's happy with her life and is healthy, it doesn't matter if she's 90 pounds, 120 pounds, 150 pounds or whatever. She doesn't appear to be heavy enough to put her own health at risk because of her weight, she just weighs a bit more than what some say she should. Big deal. Get over it and focus on stuff that actually matters.

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