Black March

Friday, January 20, 2012

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Courtney said...

I'm going to be honest and say that I know almost nothing about economics. However, I work at an independently owned movie theater and I do know that when people don't come to see the movies we make no money. (what a concept)
our business makes almost no money off of ticket sales and all of the money on concessions (hence the outrageously priced food) but when people don't come to see movies, people don't buy popcorn or candy. I feel as though boycotting media in this manner will only end up hurting the businesses as opposed to the corporations. They'll make the money back after this whole nonsense is over but the theater wont. We'll have gotten rid of the movies because they didn't make money and we wont get that lost revenue back.

I hope that I've made my feelings clear.

Anonymous said...

This is not about the Internet boycotting businesses or corporations. Its about businesses or corporations boycotting the Internet.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why I cannot figure out a way to put "land of the free", "US" and "democracy", all together in the same sentence and still make any sense from it. Who is really telling you how to live your life?

DJ PIGG said...

I wholeheartedly agree with Courtney.

Buying things from real shops or going to your local cinema will help keep some families fed, dressed and warm.

As a cinema manager, SOPA isn't my fault so why should my job be put at risk?

While I disagree with SOPA, taking your rage out on local businesses isn't the answer.

Anonymous said...

i agree with courtney and dj pigg. their arguments definitely make sense. therefore, i hereby take my black-march campaign off of my facebook wall.


Anonymous said...

I Agree with "JANUARY 26, 2012 8:07 PM"

people want change, people are tired of this, and people are tired of violent protests. We don't all have money to donate to the cause, we don't all have time to go out on the streets. I say support the cause by doing nothing. It will hurt everyone, sure, but at least we get the point across. your job isn't at stake, christ this isn't all or nothing, its called making a stand. DJ PIGG, provide us an alternative and maybe you will affect things for the better, as it stand your just adding fuel to an argument without saying anything useful.

If you have an alternative solution, VOICE IT!
If you think we should do things differantly, VOICE IT!
But if you cannot think of any other way to make a stand for this, then STFU!

Anonymous said...

So... why does it cost almost $100 dollars to take a family of 4 to the movies? I am certain your point is clear you would hate to have "Your money taken from you" How do you think the father feels when he shells out 10 hours of pay for 1.5 hours of garbage...

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