The 1% of the 99%

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

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JenG said...

Sadly, that's IF you survive the slaughter that your country has thrown you into, and IF you can emotionally recover from the PTSD. Of, and IF the shitty government (which is ruled by corporations) starts taking care of its vets!

Anonymous said...

Tho with his civil service salary, in terms of income he'll be in the bottom-to-middle 33% of the 99%, with a 0% chance of becoming part of the 1%.

When the boy grows up he'll learn the difference between hard work and fair compensation.

Anonymous said...

And he didn't see the point. There ARE a lot of people who are doing hard work. My mom for example works at a nursing home. Her income is okay, but her account to the society is very high, since she is helping people in doing things they can't do on their own.

So whats the account to society of a banker working at Goldman Sachs? Thats the problem. That you can make a huge amount of money with a completely distorted relation to your account to the society.

Anonymous said...

This is like when Fox News interviews the idiots in the crowd to make the whole cause lose their credibility.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2: What has account to society got to do with salary? The two are independent, and rightly so - salary is based on perceived value to the COMPANY you work for, not to 'society'.

That might mean you have a valuable face, a valuable name, a valuable skill, or yes, that you work hard - and never make the mistake of thinking bankers don't work hard, they do.

Ultimately, anybody's salary is based on the profit of the company they work for, allowing for the number of employees. A good stockbroker can, and often will, make his or her bank richer by several million in a week. Given that, the banks can pay them in accordance with their value to the company, which may be a six or seven figure salary.

As soon as hospitals have that sort of profit margin, and nurses bring in that volume of money, the salaries of medical staff will increase accordingly. Until then, there will always be that difference. The only people paid by their 'account to society' are civil servants, and then only because they directly work for the representatives of society.

Anonymous said...

Besides it wasn't the banks that caused all this. The Government forced the banks to give out loans to people who weren't remotely qualified to a misconcieved notion of fairness. guess what life is rough and isn't remotely fair. Get over it, educate yourselfs, work hard and quit voting for retards that pull stuff like this.

Anonymous said...

The Banker at Goldman Sachs frees up capital and provides the necessary liquidity for your mother's nursing home to hire her. It manages the money of the insurance company, helping it to grow and keep up with inflation, so that the residents of the nursing home are able to afford the care they need and receive. It helped to broker the deal for the land the nursing home is built on, to allow the goods needed to build and maintain the nursing home be afforded and obtained in the global economy. As much as Bankers "don't do" nothing else would be done without them - at least not to the scale necessary in today's world.

Anonymous said...

I really hope the apologists stop commenting soon. I like this blog but don't like extremists.

Read a bit - try 'Liar's Poker' - then start talking. Or just watch movies... 'Born Rich' is good.

quickstat: the income ratio for owners vs factory floor workers has increased about ten times, from 40:1 to 400:1, in the past 30 years.

The whole 1% thing reflects the fact that
- wages have been stagnent for the past 30 years (when accounting for inflation)
- except for the richest, who have increased their income greatly

The west was rich in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. We can survive even with higher taxes for the richest.

(ps - income taxes for the richest were 90% just after the 2nd World War. We won that fucking war and were rich as fuck - overall, not just a few of us - afterwards.)

Anonymous said...

Bankers free up capital for the nurses, nurses, keep the bankers alive. Who's contributing more?

Anonymous said...

Yes, he is not getting any hand-outs. Providing you dont count the tax payer funded paycheck, tax payer funded housing, tax payer funded meals, tax payer funded college education and tax payer funded medical benefits.

Anonymous said...

Notice how all these "i am not the 99%" folks are hiding their faces behind the paper they are holding?

How difficult is it to get hold of a uniform and a camera... this is obv. fake, dude is even smiling :-p

Anonymous said...

You may be funding our paychecks, but that's because we work for you, and we work hard for our pay. We sacrifice all of our freedoms and put our lives on the line so that you may have yours. I've never been able to go home for any holiday since I joined... I can't even remember the last holiday that I didn't have to work on. How many people are living off of the government and not working for it?? I chose to EARN my pay and I'm proud of it. So many people who are complaining can get up and join if their situations are that bad. It's not easy, and not everyone can get in, but there is that option is out there. No one made my life easier... I did it myself.

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