Shootout at the kindergarten

Monday, May 30, 2011

A kindergarten teacher keeps the children under control during a drug-related gunfight outside their building, near Monterey, Mexico.

Redditor Tillhony offers a translation:
Yes my love, everyone on the floor. Mandy, no, nothings happening just put your little heads down. Precious put your little heads on the floor, nothing is happening, just don't put your heads up please!...........Lets to sing a song? class says yes, Lets sing.....I know which! ♩♩♩The rain drops are made of chocolate, I would love to be there, who wants chocolate!!!??? Opening our mouths to taste the flavor♩♩♩ Put your heads down yes? Now put your heads on the floor and lets open our mouths ♩AA AA AAA AA A AA♩ Are you guys opening your mouths? You have your little mouths open facing up? So the rain drops can fall into your mouths! Miguel you havent opened up your mouth?
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6 comentarii:

melissa said...

My husband's aunt lives in Monterey and she says it's getting really scary. She used to live in a very nice area but twice in one week she was woken up at night by gun fire, and it's only getting worse. The drug dealers there are becoming more bold and targeting civilians now.

Anonymous said...

Hi im Gerardo aka @maxcalifornia on twitter:
I am a resident of monterrey N.L. Mexico, in the meantime of this record 31 governors of each state of mexico got a meeting near of that school(about 6 miles near) with full cover of army,local police and state police and guess what was the subjet of that meeting "How to increase the security against drug cartels and his violence" .the miss teacher show more balls an control of the situation compared with us governor(young and inexpert on security issues). the local police and some politics are corrupted o threat by the drug cartels so they cant do nothing or simply dont want to try. its a shame of me and my coutry of this news only apear these days in the world.
today the governor did an award for that her grit and spirit of the teacher ( )
"that video es the sad reality of our day by day ,but we are more good people and this will change, We will make that change"
PD. shes singing a barneys the dinosaur song.
PD2. Im a everyday reader of you blog...greetings from monterrey ,mexico.

Anonymous said...

God this is heart-breaking. The poor people, the poor children! I pray for peace in Mexico and safety for her people.

Cerberusmon said...

I'm also form Monterrey. The saddest thing is that our children are growing up thinking this is normal, that people shooting and killing each other in the street is something common. We can no longer go out at night and before leaving to work we wonder if we'll be able to come back.

Anonymous said...

actually she doesnt say "mandy". is "mande?" asking a kid to repeat what he just said.

no important, just to let you know.

Anonymous said...

Every time an American tells me they are going to Mexico on vacation I try to stop them. No one listens. I would NEVER go there.

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