Tea-bagger Obama email joke

Monday, April 18, 2011

This is the picture Orange County Tea Party activist Marilyn Davenport sent out her GOP members, captioned "Now you know why no birth certificate."

Later, she commented:
"Oh, come on! Everybody who knows me knows that I am not a racist. It was a joke. I have friends who are black. Besides, I only sent it to a few people--mostly people I didn't think would be upset by it."
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6 comentarii:

Anonymous said...

I guess it was no problem when the same thing was done with Bush when he was in charge?

Anonymous said...

Hey look on the bright side at least they are admitting evolution is real.

Helen said...

"I guess it was no problem when the same thing was done with Bush when he was in charge?"

Uh, yeah, because Bush is white. Calling a black person a monkey carries a bit more weight than calling a white person one, don't you think?

Oh no wait, let's look at it completely outside of any cultural, historical, or contextual lens. LOL REVERSE RACISMZ.

Idi Amin Dada said...

People like Marilyn and the other verbal gaffers in Orange County drift further from reality daily. In Costa Mesa, there's a revolt against four city councilmen. The councilmen got "a taste of Wisconsin" and decided to cut half the city workforce. One worker jumped to his death the day that he received his notice. What did the Councilmen do? Party at one of their buddy's Irish bars on St. Patrick's Day!

Demography and stupidity like this is going to come crashing down hard on the local GOP here, and they are going to flip the freak out.

Anonymous said...

Bush does look simian, and took very monkey-like decisions during his 'service' to his country. In Europe, that e-mail would be plain racist.

Greetings from the 'Republic' of Spain.

Anonymous said...

"I have friends who are black"? Really? Wow.

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