Racism at UCLA: Asians in the library

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

UCLA undergrad major and ex-model Alexandra Wallace was kinda asking for it when she posted this video on Youtube in which she talks about how her University library is overrun by ill-mannered Asians, who talk on their mobile phones and such.

Of course, the video went viral from all the obvious reasons, inevitably generating some responses, such as this or this or the dubstep remix.

Also, the UCLA Chancellor issued a statement about the matter.
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8 comentarii:

Anonymous said...

Even though she went about it the wrong way she is right....Asians are pretty rude

Anonymous said...

^^^They certainly are...they jump lines, stand right in front of the elevator doors so you can't get out(constantly stare at the mirror once inside), plead bad English when doing something wrong, can't drive for shit, etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid this girl and the comments above have fallen for the old stereoptyping pitfall.

If someone of their own colour jumps the queue, its that particular person who's rude - if an Asian does it, then they're all rude.

So a rude white person is the exception, a rude Asian is typical - no objectivity is used.

Its a simple trap that people of lower intelligence or those susceptible to harbouring prejudices frequently fall into. People of all colours are guilty of this, not just white people.

Anonymous said...

Just a note on the "everybody does this" comment.

I spent all of last year studying Chinese in Beijing. The cutting in line thing is at least a Chinese thing. I could be standing one foot from the counter ordering Chinese dumplings for breakfast and fairly often someone would try to get in ahead of me. Getting on a bus requires putting your elbows out to beat back the crowd, there are no lines. While I do think that a little cultural understanding is in order, I do think that, just as I adapted to the customs in Beijing, Asians in America should do their best to adapt to the customs here.

Oh, and what I originally meant to say, not all stereotypes happen because they are selectively noticing events, some stereotypes are just reasonable rules based on experience.

Lastly, when she talks about parents doing too much for their children, while this certainly is not true for all Chinese, the one child policy has wreaked havoc on rich Chinese child-rearing skills, creating many "little princes" and "little princesses" from overzealous parents with too many resources to give to their children. And it is the rich Chinese who can afford to send their children abroad.

Anonymous said...

perhaps some asians are rude, but many have already adapted the the western society. So by addressing all Asians as rude and ill-mannered, shes inevitably causing those who don't fit the description to feel hostile. It's her own fault.

Anonymous said...

koreans are racist, they just call it "culture" ahaha but i love their bbq!

Anonymous said...

Paha, she hardly seems like the kind to go to the library all the time anyway... As it is it's a simple case of an ignorance and cultural differences.

Anonymous said...

this is the American to see Asian? The great nation, the great race, the great human being, the great.............

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