Monday, December 6, 2010

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Waiter ate it

Anonymous said...

this is insane! i can't figure it out.. someone please help..

Barmybuckle said...

Its not true that they should have €30... they should have spent a total of €27.. €25 for the meal and €2 for the waiter. then €27 + the €3 they got back = €30... simples

Anonymous said...

Extended version on person above me.

There first (and also second) statement is wrong:
"10 euros paid"
1 euro back
= 9 euros"

Even though they, initially, DID hand out 10 euros each, they ended up NOT paying 10 euros each (thanks to the boss who put the price down). In stead, they paid a total of 25 euros. (over 3 people = 8,333 euros)
Then each 3 of them receives a euro back hence the total amount of money is 25+3=28 euros (over 3 people = 9,333euros). The other 2 euros is to the cunt of a waiter.

The "missing" euro is a result of using the false assumption of having paid "10 euros each and get 1 euro back".

Also; the fact that they are Chinese doesnt make a difference in outcome.

Anonymous said...

10 euros paid
1 euro back
= 9 euros

3 x 9 euros = 27 euros
-2 euros in the waiters pocket
=25 euros total

"when 3 people eat the same dish it's only 25 euros"!!

Anonymous said...

The last person (above me) got it right.
The assumption

10 euros paid
1 euro back
= 9 euros

IS a correct assumption. (If you give ten euros and get one back, you have 9€ left, nothing wrong about that)

Acanhes said...

It is a Falacy. Remember that from my 9th grade philosophy classes

Rohwer said...

Pay no attention to the 2 the waiter has in his pocket. It is 3 x 9 = 27( the money the waiter has is already taken out of the 27) then add 3 (1 per person) and you get to 30. It's a trick in wording.

Anonymous said...

exactly Rohwer. if they all payed 10 each from the begining then it is a total of 30 euro. the waiter takes 2 and gives 1 euro back to each of them. thus making 30 euro.

3-(1 per person)= 3-3 =0

Anonymous said...

More like 25 (food) + 2 (waiter) = 27
Those 27 are already including what the waiter keeps for himself, and thus the error comes from adding that amount twice.

Anonymous said...

30 EUR - 2 EUR = 28 EUR

28 EUR/ 3= 9.33333 EUR. That's what each one paid.

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