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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

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17 comentarii:

Unknown said...

Religious indoctrination is child abuse. Will this girl stay ignorant, marry young, get fat on church potluck casseroles and the promise of a new body in heaven and make her children's lives hell trying to shield them from "Saten's" influence through pop music and secular friendship, or will she see the light of reason and stop the cycle of brainwashing? If she emancipates herself too late in life, she can expect to deal with various potential neuroses.

"Christianity may be OK between consenting adults in private but should not be taught to young children." --Francis Crick

Jay McHue said...

"Religious indoctrination is child abuse."

So say the neo-atheists. Only the neo-atheists. Experts in actual child abuse have never made that claim and they never will. Of course, the purpose behind atheists desperately and pathetically attempting to find a foothold for this claim is in the fact that child abuse is illegal. Thus, they want "religious indoctrination" (i.e. your right to raise your kids in a religious environment) to be illegal. Nice, isn't it? They might as well just burn the Constitution or at least take a scissors to that inconvenient part about people having the right to free exercise of their religion.

Of course, what's really ironic about Christopher's comments is that they constitute nothing more than prejudice and hatred of religion and the religious. Last time I checked, prejudicial treatment of people based on things like gender, race, religion, etc. is illegal.

Anonymous said...

Jinx McHue +1

Anonymous said...

yeah, coz telling a kid to believe in this or ur going to hell to be raped and tortured by satan for ever and ever and ever isn't child abuse. and anyone who says other wise is a neo-atheist and prejudice etc etc. not long now and all the worlds religion will be gone from the earth :) ya can't stop progress man :))

JavaTech said...

"Last time I checked, prejudicial treatment of people based on things like gender, race, religion, etc. is illegal."
Christians would NEVER do this! Never. Oh, wait...they do it ALL OF THE TIME.

Anonymous said...

Terrifying a child into compliance by threatening them with painful and endless torture from an "invisible monster" is emotional abuse that can scar an impressionable mind for life. There. Now you have heard it from a professional.

Jay McHue said...

"Now you have heard it from a professional."

So sayeth "Anonymous." Why don't you put your alleged "professional" status on the line and divulge your credentials? You're either not a professional (other than a professional liar) or you're a coward who knows that if your personal belief about religion is publicly exposed, your professional reputation will be ruined.

Anonymous said...

Give it a rest Jinx. It's not an attack on the entirety of religion, just one horrible aspect of it. We would be just as valid in saying that indeed there are immoral teachings in the bible(promoting rape, slavery, misogyny, killing people who believe in the "wrong" god etc) and these things should be illegal. Next you'll argue that western law is discriminating against religion, for condemning those atrocious acts.

Jay McHue said...

Which brave "Anonymous" are you? The same as the alleged "professional?"

Jay McHue said...

Well, whoever you are, you obviously don't know much about the Bible or the cultures of the ancient Near East. Hardly any skeptics do. I suggest you actually try to open up your mind a teensy little bit and read some material by people who are more knowledgeable about the objections you raised than, say, the Skeptics Annotated Bible website. Try starting with . They have a convenient topic index.

Jay McHue said...

"Christians would NEVER do this! Never. Oh, wait...they do it ALL OF THE TIME."

Only in your imagination. Much like this guy:

Jay McHue said...

"Indoctrination, as in telling kids they have original sin, that they'll go to hell if they don't obey, to listen blindly to any self appointed church authority figure, that their non christian friends will go to hell..."

As with the other commenter, I know of no Christians (again, outside of Fred Phelps) that teach most of that. Original sin, sure, but is teaching that wrong? If so, how? As far as the rest, you only show your gross ignorance of Christian beliefs. Salvation isn't about obeying or listening to a church authority, and parents don't tell their kids, "Your friends are going straight to HAAAAAY-UUUULLLL!!!!"

"Some crazy parents set their kids up to deny evolution, for example."

Oh, the horror!

"That's abuse,"

Experts disagree.

"a rape of a young, trusting mind."

I love how you emotionally rhetorical clowns throw the word "rape" around so casually.

Anonymous said...

"Original sin, sure, but is teaching that wrong? If so, how?"

And with this... /thread. This guy is a nutjob, like Paul lol.

Even when taken as a concept and not literally, original sin is absolutely ridiculous, think about it. Expecting a being with no concept of right or wrong to do the right thing, and then damning them and their innocent descendants forever(lots of god murdering the innocent children of those who piss him off in the bible too, hmm) when they mess up, thanks to being incapable of making a moral decision in the first place. They couldn't have known that it was wrong to disobey god, and besides, the fucker knew that would happen all along, set up much?

I shouldn't have to say that Adam and Eve didn't even exist anyways dude(hey evolution ;D), and as much as it pains me to say, because he is far more epic, neither does Thor. :C

Anonymous said...

And I suppose you(Jinx) still believe that the Earth is flat like the people who(are not Jesus!) wrote the book of fables.

At least my child won't get butt sex from going to church! He/She will not be going!

Jay McHue said...

Amazing how the cowardly "Anonymous" posters always degenerate into babbling incoherence and vulgarities.

Anonymous said...

Well my name could be Joe Blow so who cares about a name! I could register as Joe Blow/ John Doe if you like.

Who is babbling incoherently?

GOD'S FLAT EARTH - Genesis 7:20 (KJV)
GOD'S FLAT EARTH - Isaiah 11:12 (NIV)
GOD'S FLAT EARTH - Isaiah 24:1 (KJV)
GOD'S FLAT EARTH - Isaiah 40:22
GOD'S FLAT EARTH - Job 9:5-8
GOD'S FLAT EARTH - Job 28:24
GOD'S FLAT EARTH - Daniel 4:11
GOD'S FLAT EARTH - Ecclesiastes 1:7
GOD'S FLAT EARTH - Jeremiah 10:13 (NIV
GOD'S FLAT EARTH - Psalm 19:4 (NIV
GOD'S FLAT EARTH - Matthew 4:8 (NIV)
GOD'S FLAT EARTH - Revelation 1:7
GOD'S FLAT EARTH - Revelation 7:1
GOD'S FLAT EARTH - Revelation 20:7-8

Call me weird...but I DO believe in God but I also believe in the "Big Bang" theory as well...I just don't believe in any Religion or the fables that were produced by so called prophets.

Yes God created the world but not the fables created by Religion.

Tamschi said...

If you leave the moral implications of contents of Christian faith aside for a moment, there's one thing I'd like to note about this argument and my own experiences with Christians.
I attend a church-funded school in a country with an ongoing trend of secularization, wich means there's a wide range in how strong people believe. (Most students are Christians but don't go to church on a regular basis.)
Religious education is obligatory for all students, so there are often discussions about religious (mostly Christian) and secular values, as well as the contradictions between science and religion (e.g. evolution, but also the sociological and psychological aspects of religion). One thing that I've leaned from these lessons, but also from everyday life, is that those who are firm believers are on average less tolerant in terms of the faith (or other views, for that matter) of others. What I also noticed is that for atheists and agnostics, traditional Christian values, with the exception of worship, seem to have a greater impact on their lives than for those who are actively practicing their religions.
There are obviously exceptions: The two most tolerant people I know from there are a Christian and a Muslim. (The least tolerant is a teacher for Protestant religion, but I don't think that has all that much to do with her faith, as she basically drags her own values in the mud the way she treats others...)

Anyway, my point is that you could certainly benefit from trying to understand the way others see your actions compared to the values you chose to follow as part of your faith, especially before labeling them as neo-atheists or similar. (I've never heard this term before outside of conservative Christian publications, so I'm inclined think it was created to paint an artificial picture of an enemy.)
By that I certainly don't mean any "Christians are stupid"-people, but the point of view that is shared by many believers and non-believers over here alike.

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