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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Alcohol 'more harmful than heroin' says Prof David Nutt:
The report is co-authored by Professor David Nutt, the former UK chief drugs adviser who was sacked by the government in October 2009.

It ranks 20 drugs on 16 measures of harm to users and to wider society.

Members of the group, joined by two other experts, scored each drug for harms including mental and physical damage, addiction, crime and costs to the economy and communities.

The BBC's home editor, Mark Easton, writes in his blog that the study involved 16 criteria, including a drug's affects on users' physical and mental health, social harms including crime, "family adversities" and environmental damage, economic costs and "international damage".

The findings run contrary to the government's long-established drug classification system, but the paper's authors argue that their system - based on the consensus of experts - provides an accurate assessment of harm for policy makers.
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6 comentarii:

Anonymous said...

This is a extremely good example on how misleading statistics and "surveys" can be.

By theory LSD and extacy is not very harmful to a persons mind.

In reality, it is extremely harmful, somtimes fatal because of suicide. Especially LSD is extremely potent and can cause extreme paranoia and schizofrenic attacks after only being used once. And the incident can come months later. Trust me - i worked in a mental institution, and have also seen the effects of LSD outside the institution, on a group of people using it and the consequences.

Make all the surveys you want, with all its trickery with numbers but it can never ever compete with the true, hard reality.

Anonymous said...

I would let the numbers speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...

No shit einsteins. Alcoohol is legal, found on any corner so the probability is stagering in it's favour. Most of the people drink alcohol not that many do drugs so of course you will have more alcohol ralated problems.
This chart proves nothing.

Anonymous said...

Drgus can be found anywhere wachin.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

this gragh is 110% bullshit. I hate how everyone says that all these different things are bad for you. Even if they are harmful, this is America. We should be able to make these choices on our own.

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