Wednesday, October 13, 2010

These two dudes are pretty much fucked, because the Internets have laid its eyes on them. This picture's been going around a lot of people's Twitter feeds captioned "If you can identify these guys call the police or animal rights. Keep this circulating." I add: "Give them a good beating first."


Update: OK, poll: Should I remove the image from this post (because it's graphic, NSFW - see coments)
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10 comentarii:

bur┼żujus said...

Same happened in Lithuania, two idiots throw dog from the bridge and put video on youtube. Now they are in jail :)

Anonymous said...

is it funny or what? you should warn before showing pics like this, it is supposed to be funny site. I didn't want to see this at all, now my mood is all fu*ked up. thanx.

Anonymous said...

Please stop posting this type of images. I don't wish to see hurt or tortured animals anymore than any other NORMAL human being.

Anonymous said...

I can understand wanting to find the guys but I don't want to see torturing in progress please.

Anonymous said...

Someone's hit list just got expanded.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Anonymous2 and Anonymous3...I agree...if we ignore stuff like this it'll just go away.

I'm sure those boys won't turn into future serial killers if they aren't identified. No...no problem at all.

...what if they live down the street from you or your family?

I'm spreading this across my cyber profile far and wide today. I am editing out the dog because it is just too jarring.

...and now...I need to go throw up.

Anonymous said...

Man, a little warning, please, before showing graphic images... just post the link to the photo or something, now you've just fucked up my day :(

Anonymous said...

Look people, if these things don't get posted EVERYWHERE, then the people who abuse animals win. Sorry if you don't want to see it, but tough! You can't ignore things and hope they go away. You must take action! If you ignore it, then you are just as guilty as the devils who abused that poor puppy. You think your day was ruined? Think about that poor dogs day!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is FUCKED UP. IT IS NOT COOL. Everyone spread this on your facebook. When they threw the dog in the river, it was all over the news here, i will send this to the newspapers as well - suggest everyone else do it. They will edit the picture to a acceptable degreee - but still show the evil.

Anonymous said...

Leave the picture. Should be shown as a link, lest unwary see it without an option to *not* see it.

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