They canceled the rabbit throwing contest

Friday, October 23, 2009

New Zealand town cancels rabbit-throwing contest:
A rural town in New Zealand has been forced to cancel its annual rabbit-throwing competition after complaints from animal rights groups. In the contest, which is held each year to coincide with the start of the pig hunt, children see how far they can throw a dead rabbit.

But the RSPCA said the rabbit-throw sent a message to children that dead animals were fun and could legitimately be used as a form of entertainment.

Charles Cadwallader, animal cruelty inspector, said the rabbit-throw was also cruel. "Do you throw your dead grandmother around for a joke at her funeral?" he said.
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12 comentarii:

Web Design Firm said...

Rabbit throwing ? whats wrong with human beings ? Why they can't act like humans ? Would you like if someone throws and plays with your baby that way ? where is humanity and mercy ?

web designer

Anonymous said...

DEAD rabbits. Please!

Anonymous said...

We eat them, we skin them, we slice them. Throwing them around is the least of the rabbits problems.

Psycho Bill said...

Hey, designer, if the baby is dead, who cares what happens to it? The rest of what you said makes little sense, so we'll ignore it.

If it was a dead baby throwing contest, I'd watch.

Anonymous said...

My grammama is too heavy to hurl, even rotten, a 350 pound lady is going to be awkward. Throwing babies and dead rabbits, I am all for – and I like rabbits! I have two pet bunnies that I adore.

Psycho Bill said...

Is it easy to make bunnies angry? Cause I got an idea...

Psycho Bill said...

350lbs. is way over the manual limit. I'd probably go with the catapult (or a variation) over the explosive types of body launching. Less spatter. A body is easy to bury and kill the stench of, but what do you do when the body has been spread out over a few hundred square yards, and the sun is blazing?

Of course you could use a sabot, then all the splatter is where she hits. Make their castle stink, make their king unable to attract hot babes back to his place because his house smells like dead grandma. Get her over the wall, and HE smells like dead grandma.

But bunnies are different. They are so small you should be able to get them a fair distance with your arm.

Where do the bunnies come from? Not from heaven, certainly God would frown on all that fucking. THEY COME FROM HELL! Now that you know, you should have no problem tossing a couple demon carcasses around. Bunnies are evil. You heard it here first.

Cheryl said...

For all of you who think animals are here for our amusement and to inflict whatever cruelty or abuse that our sick little minds can come up with here is my prayer for you:

Someday cold-hearted aliens will land on earth who are bigger, meaner, tougher, equipped with bigger and better weapons and who have a great taste for torturing human meat before eating it.

My prayer is that they will land in your backyard first.

Psycho Bill said...

I need to know why mean mexicans would be landing in my backyard? I don't live anywhere close to any borders.

And torture doesn't require any modern weaponry, although the military has some really fun modern "less than lethal" toys.

You couldn't mean space aliens, could you? You just said something about prayer, and unless you believe in some weird space religion, that wouldn't make sense.

And if that is what you mean, that some advanced culture would show up and take me first, I wish they would. I would love to learn what the best torture in the universe for a human is. It isn't just pain, there is more, much more. My only regret would be that I couldn't survive enough to explain how it felt, what this would do to you would cause your mind to shut your body down until it ended what it felt.

Thank you for praying to the space aliens for us, Cher.

Anonymous said...


FUN & FACT said...

I keep want to say to Psycho Bill ‘geez’ or ‘yikes’ or ‘OMG’ but none of these seems strong enough, or appropriate enough for what you have said in your comments..Shame on u you are a ridiculous person you don't have any knowledge about anything you seem very cruel person..

Psycho Bill said...

Dear Miss Fact:

Sorry to have offended you dear. Sorry about the shame thing, I have no sense of that for myself. As far as knowledge goes, it is difficult for me to take any insult from someone who writes like you seriously. I can't even see where I tried to show myself to me all that knowledgeable, maybe it was from another thread.

As far as cruelty, I'm all for swift painless death for food animals. Most of the time for all animals. But once that animal is dead, it's just another piece of flesh.

As for humans though, pain can be a negative experience when it isn't wanted, or it can be a very desirable experience, life affirming even. Both experiencing and watching.

Mr. Thaker;

My DNA says that I am human. My brain may operate on a completely different plane than yours, it is still human.

As far as the bunnies go, who cares how they got dead? Is somebody standing there witha gun to your head making you do the killing? Are you even forced to do the killing yourself? Have you ever killed the meat you have eaten?

I'm sorry, I can't understand about how respect for dead bunny bodies is in anyway called for. They are manufactured and eaten just like any other food. As far as humans, we go through our rituals at the time of death, but after death, there is nothing of the original person there. What does it matter if it's burned, buried, or left in the woods to be consumed by other natural creations? Our bodies are meant to rot, and we do all this crap to prevent it, then stick it in a hole in the ground or burn it.

When I die, I don't care what is done to my body. I've told relatives to do what they want with my body, once it's done it's done. They could do any of the usual things, eat me, put a stick in my penis and use my body to make necro-porn. Blow it up in a horror movie. Put me in plastic and put me on display. Use my body, don't toss more chemicals in the soil or waste energy burning me. Use my skull as an ashtray, I really don't care.

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