Bear Grylls saved a boy's life

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Boy, nine, survives wilderness thanks to tips from Bear Grylls:
A boy of nine lost alone in the wilderness for 24 hours survived using tips learned from Bear Grylls.

Grayson Wynne knew he had to find a shelter for the night, conserve his energy and if possible leave clues for searchers, thanks to watching the British adventurer’s TV show.

He ripped up his yellow jacket and tied the pieces to trees just as he had seen on Man vs Wild, the U.S. version of Grylls’s survival programme.

Rescuers followed the markers and Grayson, who went missing when he wandered off on a family camping trip, was spotted by park rangers scouring the million-acre Ashley National Forest in Utah.
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10 comentarii:

NeoN said...

Not that it isnt great that a kid actually learned something from tv for once but 24 hours isnt exactly surviving lol.

Anonymous said...

Big Question: If the kid had known about Gryllis getting caught several times getting helicoptered out every evening and spending large parts of his 'survival time' in hotels while faking the shows, would he have still survived???

Anonymous said...

My 7 year old would know what to do but what he doesn't know and which he has asked countless times is why Bear destroys habitat and wildlife in an attempt to entertain the viewer. In fact he gets quite upset when Bear slaughters countless creatures and eats them. His words and not mine are 'Ray never has to kill something to show you so what to do in the wild so why does Bear'. I have to say I completely agree with him. Ray Mears puts Bear Grylls to shame he has a quiet respect for his enviroment whilst Bear just charges in like an extra from 'Lord of the Flies'.

Anonymous said...

You people should be ashamed. Can't just read this story and remark that it's good that a young boy survived, and wasn't lost for weeks, or found dead. No, you guys have to use the comment section as a soap box to rant about how much you despise Bear Grylls, when it was HIS SHOW that saved this boy's life. Whether or not your children would "know what to do" is irrelevant. This boy stated that he only knew what to do because he watched Man vs. Wild. So guess what? That completely validates the show, and proves that Bear Grylls knows his stuff.

Haters keep on hating, but thanks to Bear, this kid had the knowledge to survive. Meanwhile you all talk trash about it over the internet. What wastes of oxygen you are.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and to the person with the 7 year old son, who cries during the scenes where Bear kills animals. Guess what? Man vs Wild is not a kids program. But killing animals to survive is sometimes the one thing that separates survival and death. Teaching viewers how to properly and humanely do it is important. If your son was stranded somewhere on his own, and his only chance for food was to catch and kill a rabbit, he'd probably think back to how Bear did it in an episode. If you are worried so much about what your child watches, maybe you should select programming more for their age group. I.e. not something that is meant to teach people how to survive in some of the most grueling and dangerous situations possible?

Anonymous said...


u people who stood up for bear....u awesome 2!!!:D

gibigbig said...

@ the idiot who said 24 hours isn't surviving. Sure, maybe you're right, you can say that behind your keyboard, cranking the thermostat up because your sensitive pansy nipples might chafe. 24 hours is enough time to be caught and eaten by anything with a big enough jaw and appetite. Bear Grylls regardless of faking his shows or not, inevitably saved this boy so by all means, keep your opinions rampant, freedom of speech right? Even if its the dumbest opinions known to man.

Anonymous said...

I think that’s amazing! I love Bear Grylls and I'm not surprised his tips have helped people to survive, plus he didn’t really fake it, just exaggerated a little, who cares, he fixed it right? Besides, if it was your little boy who was lost for 24 hours in a wild place, I'm pretty sure you'd be on your knees thanking Bear for doing what he does!
My boy will be watching this!

Anonymous said...

I think this is a great example of how reality tv can help people to all the commenters get a life I am only looking at this page because I have to write a debate btw no matter what grylls did his show saved someone so what's the point in arguing. Just live and let live ok

Anonymous said...

Its awesome that this kid survived because of bear. But i agree with the person who talked about their child talking about bear and ray mears. I know when you're in this situation you have to kill animals etc but bear does it for shock value and entertainment. Basically bear's show is like Jackass. Im sure it has loads of viewers that have no interest in survival. Theyre interested in what messed up stuff bear is gonna do next eg giving himself an enema. Where as ray tells you what you need to know but doesnt need to shock you for entertainment. In my opinion ray wins hands down..... And i think he'd survive longer in the woods lol

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