Stuff evoution can't explain

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Richard Dawkins' The Ancestor's Tale fails to explain some facts:
1) Why heavy fish, like whales, don't just sink to the bottom of the ocean
2) Why most trees are so much taller than necessary
3) How non-biological animals, like crocodiles and ostriches, came into existence
4) Why sharks haven't grown legs, moved onto land and taken over the world
5) The existence of invisible species that remain undiscovered
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3 comentarii:

Anonymous said...

*sigh* What an egghead; probably serious, too. For starters - whales are MAMMALS..! Too dumb to even be amusing.

Anonymoose said...

1. Whales ae not fish, they are mammals, and like all animals are mostly water. As such they weigh very little when immersed in water (compared to thier out of water weight). So little infact, that thier air in thier lungs, combined with the fact that they are constantly swiiming gived them more than enough bouyancy.

2. Taller trees get more sunlight. Sunlight helps them get nutrients out of the air, allowing them to grow and live. Thus it is a constant battle for light between trees, and the tallest trees win.

3. There is no such thing as non-biological animals. Crocodiles and Ostriches are just as biological as every other animal including humans.

4. Sharks haven't grown leggs, because they have no skeleton to begin with. Legs require skeletons, and sharks are far more efficient hunters without skeletons. So any mutation that would give rise to a skeleton in a shark, is likely to get it killed.

5. No species is invisible.Only recently has man beeen able to make objects invisible, and only in limited wavelengths of light. It is likely impossible to be invisible in the entire visible spectrum. The closest possibility i could see, is some form of sea jelly, managing to get it's membrane to have the same refractive index as water, which would make it invisible while in water. The only materials with the same refractive index as air, are aerogels. A creature made of aerogel would have to be very small to be invisible, as areogels get cloudy as they get thicker, and tend to look like a static fog. However, aerogels are so dry that it would be impossible for any biological processes to occur, and the aerogel would be destroyed when it rains turning into a thin mushy slime. Ruling out any possibility of aerogel based life.

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