BBQ chicken

Monday, January 5, 2009

you're doing it wrong

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3 comentarii:

Anonymous said...

This is so sick!!! How can you show something like this to people. No wonder why there are so much violence and hate in this world.

This is sick. Not funny.

Psycho Bill said...

Not funny? Why am I laughing so hard then? I've never cooked a chicken. Eaten a lot of them, but always leave it up to someone else to cook them. Once in a while go down to a farm I know when it's time to kill them, love slitting those birdy throats and watching the blood spray, but someone else always does the cleaning and cooking.

I'm going to suggest this to them as a way to do the cleaning and cooking in one step. Hmm, maybe I'll cook my first chicken, buy it live, set it on fire, and once it's dead roast it a bit so it's well done.

I thought this might make me hungry, but my dick is getting hard. I need blood. Maybe I'll go down to the grocery store, hang out in the women's products aisle, and pick up the next chick who gets maxi pads. If it weren't the middle of the night, I'd just buy a hamster and bite off it's head. Maybe two, see if they can be used as a fun new way to set fires. Light one off, see what it does while I squeeze the blood from the other.

Psycho Bill said...

Follow up. Light a hamster on fire, and it doesn't get very far. And it moves too damned quickly to set anything much on fire until it stops moving.

And that doesn't cook them enough to make a tasty treat, but it does leave most of the blood available for savoring, sipping it like a fine wine as the bird roasts, and the cat makes dinner of the carcass.

As for my success at the store, I changed my tactic just a little because the bitches were bleeding in groups that night. I decided to go to the Midol display, and wait for a woman grab some. Just a smile usually does it, if they have a boyfriend they are usually mad at them by the time they pick up the pills. They're horny, and know a good fuck would help all of that. And guys, if you have a beard, let a little blood show if you aren't afraid to go down in the slaughter zone. The women will know you mean business, and you can suck all the blood you want all night.

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