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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Q: What has a whole bunch of little balls and screws old ladies?

A: A bingo machine.

Q: What goes in dry, comes out wet, and gives warm satisfaction?

A: A teabag.

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Q: What is the definition of wicker box?

A: It’s what Elmer Fudd wants to do to Madonna.

Q: What do you call a Florida gynecologist?

A: A spreader of old wives’ tails…

Q: Why do women prefer old gynecologists?

A: They have shaky hands!

Q: How can you tell a sumo wrestler from a feminist?

A: A Sumo wrestler shaves his legs.

Q: What do you get when you cross a vibrator with an anteater?

A: An armadildo.

Q: What is the biggest problem for an atheist?

A: No one to talk to during orgasm.

Q: What do you call a smiling Roman with pubic hair between his teeth?

A: Gladiator! (Glad he ate her)

Q: What is 69 squared?

A: Dinner for 4.

Q: What is 68?

A: You do me and I owe you one.

Q: What is the difference between “Oooh!” and “Aaah!”?

A: About three inches.

Q: If you are having sex with two women and one more woman walks in, what do you have?

A: Divorce proceedings, most likely.

Q: What did Adam say to Eve?

A: You’d better stand back, I don’t know how big this thing gets

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