Ladies Can Pee Standing Up

Monday, March 24, 2008

Public toilets have always been a problem for hygiene. Not any more, because now there is a simply but clever system... GENIUS LADY allows women to urinate from a standing position thus avoiding any possible risk of infection.


Open to form a cone.

Take the cone so as the little wings are on the upper side.

Put the stretched part of the cone against the body with a light pressure, directing the point of the cone towards the pan.

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

My advice: learn to pee standing without a device you probably forgot at home. Here's how:

Step 1: stand facing downhill or stand on a flat surface.
Step 2: if wearing zippered pants, unzip fly and take crotch of underwear to side. If wearing pants with an elastic waist, lower the waist of underwear and pants in front (don't pull pants all the way down). If wearing a skirt (this is recommended for beginners), lift skirt in front and either lower waistband of underwear or pull crotch of underwear to side.
Step 3: use both or just one hand to spread your labia and pull up. I recommend using both hands to start out with because it offers a greater amount of control.
Step 4: begin peeing hard and then back off a little bit to minimize drips and spraying. End hard.

I recommend practicing in the shower and at home before you attempt in public. It took me about five months to learn it and now, two months later, I have mastered it. Just so you know, you will fail the first few times you attempt it (that's why you try it in the bath first) but whatever happens, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER because the frustration and clean-up is ALL worth it. If this helps, you might consider that the amount of time it takes you to learn it is less than the amount of time it takes for guys to. Just always THINK POSITIVE and imagine how awed people will be by your talent. When they waste time scrambling to find toilet paper and a place to hide, all you have to do is turn away from prying eyes and cooly relieve yourself without exposing any more skin than men do (less, in fact because nothing sticks out. Even if people see you from the side, they will not see anything important!). Have fun, keep dreaming, and above all, THINK POSITIVE!

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