The Bald Chimpanzee

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Meet Cinder, the bald chimpanzee from the Saint Louis Zoo.

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Cinder is a hairless chimp that lives at the St. Louis Zoo. She wasn't always like this. She started losing hair when she was about 5 month old, being diagnosed with an autoimmune skin disease resulting in the loss of hair on the scalp and elsewhere on the body.

Cinder's webpage
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8 comentarii:

Anonymous said...

Can a 90-lb. chimp clobber a full-grown man?

Read this article (1976) about the fantastic strength of the chimpanzee.

"In tests at the Bronx Zoo in 1924, a dynamometer — a scale that measures the mechanical force of a pull on a spring — was erected in the monkey house. A 165-pound male chimpanzee named "Boma" registered a pull of 847 pounds, using only his right hand (although he did have his feet braced against the wall, being somewhat hip, in his simian way, to the principles of leverage). A 165-pound man, by comparison, could manage a one-handed pull of about 210 pounds."

Anonymous said...

This is actually a chimp I would never want to fight cause he kind of cute.

Anonymous said...

Wow 847? And i'm sure the chimp wasnt even trying to pull with all its might. Thats amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hot jugs yo

Anonymous said...

if thats not proof of evoloution in process.. Christians can show me their evidence of jesus.

Anonymous said...

She looks cute. We might have the same creator :). As a christian I have no problems with evolution, only with randomness.

Anonymous said...

look at those eyes. being hairless looks like it adds about 35 IQ
points right there. She could have been a spokesperson for Jergins
and/or Goldbond. Since we were developed without heavy fur, the
protiens that would make coarse bodyhair have in humans, been re-routed into making the skin tougher and more scuff-resistant. (Scientific American 2011 "why we have no fur") An ordinary human in that same environment probably wouldn't look so soft and scuffy. Look at how the skin around the wrinkles is fine and crepey, like very old people's skin. Most nude humans would look more filled out in their skins, like it was thicker, stiffer, and more rubbery. This chimp might have benefited from cotton clothes.

Anonymous said...

That evidence is plentiful. Whether you choose to believe he is the Messiah is up to you.

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