Daivid Lynch on iPhone

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Director David Lynch (Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet, Mullholand Drive, Eraserhead and others) message to the many that watch movies on their phones:

This is a segment from the interview on the Inland Empire limited edition DVD. The footage was cut and added the music from Apple’s iPhone commercial in the background.
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22 comentarii:

WeirdBiz said...

I love me some David Lynch. This is hilarious. great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah douchebag, because Eraserhead is such a great experience on a 42'' LCD with surround sound anyways.


Anonymous said...

I'll just fit my cinema, popcorn and silver screen in my carry on luggage then. - Seriously? When did mobile phones become such a threat worthy of hammed up outrage. Mobile phones are not a threat to the cinema experience - not that he has to worry about that since the removal of cinema altogether would impact his offerings by zero.

capernicus said...

this guy is an idiot

WorldWithoutToil said...

NO, really, he's got a point. Maybe for watching movies you've already seen on a large screen this is OK, you know, the one's you've seen a million times and you know all the details. But to watch a film on such a small screen, for the first time? entire details of the movie will be reduced to a single pixel. It's not as immersive. It changes teh experience of the film tremendously, and for the worse.

JTS said...

It should be said, he wasn't referring to the iPhone specifically, but if the shoe fits... Seriously, a lot of people watch horribly compressed videos with crappy earbuds, and it's completely ruined. Try and watch a film as detailed as Inland Empire, and you'll see what he means.

xco said...

It must also be said that he is referring to movies, and not videos or other kinds of shows. Movies should be watched at a theater or on a big screen tv. And not on trips:)

Anonymous said...

Tell you what Mr. Lynch, let's all agree that you can watch movies like, say, Alvin and the Chipmunks on phones (because, really, who gives a shit?), but we'll reserve more thoughtful cinematic endeavors for more conventional venues. As for the comment about Lynch's cultural offerings = zero, well if his comments leave a bad taste in your mouth it's probably nothing a viewing of I Know Who Killed me on your phone can't rid you of. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

To film buffs, the cinematic experience is a ceremonial thing. You get comfortable in a dark theatre, you enjoy your popcorn, and you quietly focus on the movie, and you *feel* it.

You simply cannot "experience" a real movie on a cell phone, iPod or computer screen. Like Lynch said, you may think you experienced the movie, but you didn't. You can watch it, but you cannot get transported and get emotionally involved in Mulholland Drive, or Saving Private Ryan, or Star Wars, or Walk The Line, or even You've Got Mail unless you embrace the true cinematic experience.

Watching a movie on cell phone is like spoiling your appetite with a bag of potato chips when you could have had a Christmas dinner.

Anonymous said...

I've always used a 3-tiered recommendation system for films that I've seen:

1) See it! (and in a theater)
2) See it (DVD, TV, airplane...)
3) Don't bother.

Maybe I need to add a fourth option, "See it on your phone". Not sure, however, whether that recommendation level should be above or below "don't bother"...

Copywryter said...

I dislike anyone defining my 'experience' for me, thanks.

Filmmakers said exactly the same thing about VCRs...this is the same reactionary response of anyone who 'owns' something that is threatened by the 'new'.

Eventually the quality/size/sound experience caught up to a reasonable level and now DVDs outpace movie attendance. Why? Cost versus value.

Don't get me wrong, I love the big screen for the 'experience' that Lynch is talking about. But the cost of feature movies is astronomical compared to the mean value -- that's what he should be addressing.

There will always be films that should be seen on the big screen. But lets face it, your average romantic comedy is a 'renter', and Hollywood has been pumping out stinkers and sequels in other genres for a decade now. I don't trust the studios to give me value that justifies the 'experience'.

Damien said...

I couldn't resist creating this video:


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely hilarious. I've watched it about 10 times. I have no opinion of my own as I've never watched a movie on a telephone. I might even bet that David Lynch never has either. Anyway, his delivery is perfect.

Anonymous said...

Modern mobilephones are NOT any fucking telephones. Those are small multimedia computers. Telephone was something we used last time more than a century ago.

Anonymous said...

Modern mobilephones are NOT any fucking telephones. Those are small multimedia computers. Telephone was something we used last time more than a decade ago.

Anonymous said...

david, not daivid, dumbfuck

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Anonymous said...

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